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TrumpTV (2020)

TrumpTV animation, Television, Armchair

Voice Actor: Jimmy Hodges


Exhibited at The Norman Rea Gallery, York

TrumpTV is a sculpture/installation made using a modern chair contrasted with an analogue television displaying a running animation made using illustrations and p5.js.


Enticing visitors in to hear what he has to say, TrumpTV is an experience that leaves you immersed in the ridiculousness of the script. This time the script had been altered to fit the news at the time. 


Scripted using tweets written by Donald Trump, besides one line, TrumpTV makes you question the concept of Fake News.


openFrameworks C++

Inspired by the Utah Teapot as seen in the scene, I have experimented with documentation of political through virtual environments. 

The Solidaritea stand was a key figure of solidarity between staff and students in the late 2019/2020 strike action at Goldsmiths University of London. I wanted to document this space in a way that could be experienced more than an image could. 

21 Weeks of 2020

Digital Illustration 

Exhibited at Let's go digital, Let's get active, Express Impress (2021)

21 Weeks of 2020  explores the UK's political news reporting throughout 2020 through illustrations created on a weekly basis. It heavily looks at the reality presented under a Tory government .

heygate wip.png
aylesbury no wm.png
Walworth's State-led demolition programme (2020)

Digital Illustration & Collage

This series of illustrations looks at 3 key developments based in Southwark's Walworth which have been heavily targeted by the state for demolition.


The first image (on the left) depicts the Heygate estate, an estate which was notoriously targeted by the "sink estate" concept created to push for large scale demolition of council estates, in the foreground a monochromatic illustration of Elephant Park, the development which is built on the site the Heygate once stood on. The image in the middle depicts an illustration of Elephant and Castle shopping centre soon to be demolished and replaced with the ghostly images (CGI) in  the foreground and background. And the last image (on the right) shows an image of what is left to be demolished of the Aylesbury Estate.

Spa Road (2020)

Digital Collage, Hugin

Using hugin - a software that stitches images together to create panoramic images, I have created these layered images of a street, Spa Road on the Bermondsey Spa development area.

The first two images shows part of The Vauban Estate in 2008 using screenshots taken from Google Maps. Through the use of Hugin I have been able to achieve a ghostly image - representing what once was there but now demolished and replaced. The third image shows the same estate however layered with this are screenshots from 2019 showing the new development in its place. 

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