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Bermondsey Spa

In 2003 the gentrification of Bermondsey Spa in Southwark, London, was set in motion, this process is an ongoing one even today... With the most recent developments being two student halls built on either side of Spa Park, both opposed almost 400 to 5. Hundreds of council homes have been demolished and replaced with unaffordable gated communities alienating residents who have not been entirely removed from the area.

Following the introduction of Right to Buy back in the 80s, and the commentary curated around "sink estates", council housing has been heavily stigmatised. The stigmatisation has been used to destroy, tear apart and displace communities from their homes. Bermondsey Spa aims to begin to deconstruct and destigmatise council housing through exploring my connection with the area. An area which I have grown up in and love. Bermondsey Spa depicts a panoramic view of a segment of the area, it shows private developments in contrast with council housing through my experience of the area this year. Through poetry and illustration, this piece explores my contention with developers and experience in Bermondsey Spa.

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