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Bermondsey Spa: Scene 1

Outlines of 5 buildings and 9 crosshairs
Image 1: Outlines for laser cutting

Following the successful prototypes (which can be found on my blog) I've started to work on finalising the files for laser cutting, a part of this process involves physically printing out the outlines, illustrating the buildings on their own, then post-processing this back in illustrator.

Image 1 shows the first aspect of this process, I have created the outline of each building for scene 1. I then printed this out onto A4 paper to use ink to hand illustrate the building textures for the engravements as seen below in image 2.

5 illustrated buildings, with 9 crosshair outlines
Image 2: Scanned ink illustrations

Using the above illustrations, I edited them in Photoshop to tidy up the illustrations, then I selected each individual building and added them to Adobe Illustrator. In illustrator I used the "Image Trace" tool which digitised the illustrations through tracing it to create a vector image - which works perfectly for laser cutting.

Screenshot of Adobe Illustrator workspace depicting 5 illustrated buildings with outlines around them and 9 crosshair outlines
Image 3: Screenshot of Illustrator file

The above process allowed me to create the final file (Image 3) which has been sent to be laser cut. I will post an update shortly once my file gets cut.

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