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Cross-Hair Prototyping


Image 1: Plywood Prototypes of two buildings, with laser cut details.

Image 2: Close up of Plywood Prototypes

Image 3: Screenshot of Adobe Illustrator file with designs for the plywood prototypes.

As seen above are the prototypes I have created for testing how to hold up the buildings, both the 2.8 and 3.0 measures held up well, however the difference between them was not that large. The accuracy of the laser cutting isn't quite as good, so it can't really differentiate between the two. Therefore I will continue with the 3.0mm for the crosshair spaces and will make the feet a little wider.

Next Steps:

My next steps going forward will be to complete the last building outline, begin making the engraving designs. I will also need to design the space for the crane to stand on.

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