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Documentation Set Up

As mentioned in previous blog posts, I have been shielding for the year due to being Clinically Extremely Vulnerable to Covid-19. Consequent of this I have had to use the limited space in my bedroom to document my piece. This has meant I've had to make adjustments to how the piece would ideally be displayed and have had to improvise on creating the most professional environment I can.

Image of a white sheet hung on a wall next to a window with a white curtain next to it, the white sheet goes over a desk with the artwork sitting on this. Next to the desk is a grey chair with two cushions in. In the front left corner of the screen is a bedframe
Documentation Set up

As seen in the image above, I am limited on my space and so could not display the whole piece at once as I wanted to do so like a panoramic. This meant that I had to display each scene one by one and record multiple shots to simulate the scenes acting as a whole. As I do not have professional lighting equipment I decided to use natural light and to soften it, I used my white curtain to do so.

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