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Exhibition Contribution

Exhibition Contribution

Throughout the year I’ve played a key role in organising the exhibition, I’ve taken on a large amount of responsibility which is bulleted below:

  • Set up the Notion Board to be used to coordinate and plan the exhibition on

  • Coordinated across year groups and teams to set agendas for the open meetings as well as team meetings

  • Emailed and ensured that the Website Development team had a template to work from to create the exhibition hosting page as well as technical support for students.

  • Worked on creating a timeline for the overall exhibition alongside Ashley & Yasmin

  • Curated a Miro Board for the design team to flesh out ideas for the web and poster design on

  • Made minutes for the third year seminars, open meetings and my team meetings

  • Set up the README guide for navigating the Google Drive

  • Pushed on notes for making both our poster and website accessible for both those less fluent with technology and those with disabilities.

  • Was in contact with Kate Geller to communicate setting up an event page.

  • Alongside David in second year, I ran the social media accounts to publicise the exhibition.

  • Participated in and preparing for the Opening Night Showcase.

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