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Finally, I've got a working stepper motor!

After months of being completely bewildered by stepper motors and all the complications that come with working with them, I've finally worked out how to power and wire up my stepper motors.


What I am using:

x6 Male/Female wires

x1 Male/Male wire

x1 soldered USB power connector

x1 Arduino USB

Diagram of the Ardunio wire set up
Using images from Last minute engineer, the image shows a diagram of my wire set up

Above a diagram of the wire set up can be seen, thanks to the remote fabrication service, Anna helped me wire everything up.


ULN2003 Driver Board to Arduino UNO

IN1 - Pin 11

IN2 - Pin 10

IN3 - Pin 9

IN4 - Pin 8

Power Bank to Breadboard

Ground wire to 1-

Voltage wire to 1+

Breadboard to Arduino UNO

A connecting wire from 2- to GND (above Pin 13)

Breadboard to ULN2003 Driver Board

2+ to +

3- to -

Does it work?

Once those connections are set up, I tested this using the following code from Drone Bot Workshop which can be found here: Stepper Motors with Arduino – Bipolar & Unipolar (

  Stepper Motor Demonstration 1
  Demonstrates 28BYJ-48 Unipolar Stepper with ULN2003 Driver
  Uses Arduino Stepper Library

  DroneBot Workshop 2018

//Include the Arduino Stepper Library
#include <Stepper.h>

// Define Constants

// Number of steps per internal motor revolution 
const float STEPS_PER_REV = 32; 

//  Amount of Gear Reduction
const float GEAR_RED = 64;

// Number of steps per geared output rotation

// Define Variables

// Number of Steps Required
int StepsRequired;

// Create Instance of Stepper Class
// Specify Pins used for motor coils
// The pins used are 8,9,10,11 
// Connected to ULN2003 Motor Driver In1, In2, In3, In4 
// Pins entered in sequence 1-3-2-4 for proper step sequencing

Stepper steppermotor(STEPS_PER_REV, 8, 10, 9, 11);

void setup()
// Nothing  (Stepper Library sets pins as outputs)

void loop()
  // Slow - 4-step CW sequence to observe lights on driver board
  StepsRequired  =  4;

   // Rotate CW 1/2 turn slowly
  StepsRequired  =  STEPS_PER_OUT_REV / 2; 
  // Rotate CCW 1/2 turn quickly
  StepsRequired  =  - STEPS_PER_OUT_REV / 2;   


The outcome of this code can be seen in the video at the top of the post.

Next Steps:

+ Test the code, break down what the code does and how to work out at what each point the steps are at.

+ Work out how to wire up the LED matrix so that they work together.

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