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Poster Accessibility

As discussed in a previous post, ensuring that our exhibition is as accessible as possible has been incredibly difficult, as many prefer aesthetics over access needs. Above is one of the versions of the posters that has been suggested, above I have put this through a colour blindness simulator (Coblis — Color Blindness Simulator – Colblindor ( to cross-check if my feeling about the green on red could cause some issues for those with deuteranopia. As seen in the top right image, this does happen to be the case, where this green becomes white which interferes with the text.

I also point out how the white on red text can be a bit unreadable due to the high contrast, for neurodiverse audiences this can be quite a lot to process. To solve this I suggest a shadow could ease this on the eye, this would be an opaque shadowing under the text, to lessen the harshness of the red.

In this other version, the readability of the diagrams is still quite tricky however they appear to be more intentionally unreadable than before. With less diagrams this has become easier to consume than in previous iterations of this poster design.

The use of gradients in the text can make it quite difficult for the viewer to read, especially neurodiverse audiences whose disabilities impact ability to read stylized text. The colour change mid sentence makes reading this quite difficult to process. My suggestion would be to put it in a box or again, add a shadow and make the text one colour.

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