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Project Update

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Digital collaged panoramic, with a brown background, shelf and LED Matrix
Digital Collaged visualisation

Following the limitation in my access to facilities, I've developed my project so that it can work in a way which is accessible remotely.

What has changed?

I have changed the composition of the piece to represent a panoramic view showing how all three views connect. Rather than 3D printing this I have decided to use a laser cutter to build pieces for the project, this will enable me to engrave into the buildings too.

What Materials will you use?

I am currently considering which materials to use so far I am considering how using plywood, modelling cardboard. Perspex could change how my work is perceived.

What are the computational components?

As seen in the image, I have included an LED Matrix, which will be connected to a series of buttons spread around the buildings, the intention being for the audience to click these buttons which will change what the LED Matrix says. This piece is intended to act like a story telling piece - exploring my relationship with gentrification in my local area.

Diagram of motor dynamics for the movement of the cranes

I am also working out how to use physical computing components to get the cranes in the background to move, currently my idea for this would be to put the cranes on a piece of cardboard/wood that's cut in a circle. This would be connected to a motor which would "tick" in a certain angle when programmed to - allowing the crane to eventually turn a whole 360 degrees.

What comes next?

I will be working on prototyping the laser cutting, starting by using illustrator to design the pieces that need cutting out.

Work out how to get the cranes to move in a circle motion.

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