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Prototyping: Working with Cardboard

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Image Slides:

Image 1 - Collage of cardboard prototype added into the illustrations.

Image 2 - Cardboard prototype, unillustrated

Image 3 - Cardboard prototype, flats in the foreground illustrated

Image 4 - Both Cardboard Prototypes illustrated

Image 5 - Prototype in pieces

Project Update:

With the current lockdown situation I have had to re-assess how I can display my exhibition piece and how to build it. Initially in my proposal my alternate plan was going to be building this in a virtual environment, however I wanted to build a physical piece and have considered using cardboard to do this.

The way this will be exhibited online is yet to be decided, I have considered building online windows that the viewer can move the window as though they're looking out on the view. This will need to be refined.

Overall I need to continue to finalise the technical elements of this piece, whilst portraying my experience of lockdown and gentrification of Bermondsey

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