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Shielding and Artwork Presentation Restrictions

3 images, 1 larger image at the top with two smaller images underneath. Image 1: Screenshot of website, black with white text in the header displaying a back arrow, "Artists, Artworks, Live + About" beneath this, an image showing an illustrated panoramic on cardboard texture with an LED Matrix displaying the text "Social Hous", Captioned "Bermondsey Spa" Georgie Hodges. Image 2: Close ups of the full panoramic, Image 3: close ups of the 3 cranes

As I've been shielding, I have been working on using the laser cutter remotely, I am finalising my files for printing currently and will be finalising the printing next week. Currently I have been working out what power supply to use to power my stepper motors as I was unsure of what to do in regards to this as I have not worked with physical computing components before.

Due to voltage and safety anxiety, I was working out how I could display my work in a way where the stepper motors can work with less power. One way I thought I could do this was through using 1 or 2 motors at a time, and then stitching the videos together. Above I have shown visualisations of how I could do this, this could be through taking apart each window area, and running the same script, with less cranes behind - then using video editing tools I would piece it together to show the whole scene.

I am planning on meeting with a technician to discuss my options around what power supply and how I could do this.

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