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Southwark Park clips

A series of clips taken on a walk through Southwark Park and along the river in Rotherhithe.

Throughout lockdown I have found myself limited as to where I can go on walks, as a shielding student I have spent the majority of this year in my flat and did not spend much of summer travelling or going out like many others were able to do. One of the locations I have enjoyed walking to and through has been Southwark Park, its a park full of memories from growing up when I was younger.

At the start of this video are the stuffed animals ziplocked in the trees - these animals have been there as long as I can remember. I remember the gorilla at the very top of the trees appearing when I was around 8 and gradually spotting the tigers and snakes added a few years later on. It was incredibly nostalgic to see these animals untouched and remaining in the trees.

Also included in this video are short clips within the park, taking in the quiet moments and looking at the pond which sits in the centre of the park. These then lead into a few clips of the river followed by some pigeons below a railway where you can hear the trains.

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