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Stepper Motors, now featuring cranes!!

Now that the stepper motors were working in sync with my LED Matrix, I had to ensure that my cranes were able to stand on the stepper motor and wouldn't fall over. To do this I used a pencil to mark out the size of the tip of the stepper motor, then using a hot glue gun I begun to work on creating a barrier around this which would hold the crane stand in place when moving.

Once this was working I used hot glue to attach the crane crosshair to the base. This ensured the crane position would be stable.

As the video above shows, I tested this quick construction and it does what I expected which is good, however the rotation of the crane seemed too slow. So as the video below will show, I sped this up to a delay of 50 between the steps which made it move a lot faster.

My Next Steps:

+ Can I use multiple motors at once with just a power bank?

+ Set up and re-document this piece.

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