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Bermondsey Spa (2021)

Laser Cut and Engraved Plywood, LED Matrix, Arduino Uno, Stepper Motors


Exhibited at Third ___, Goldsmiths University of London 

Following the introduction of Right to Buy back in the 80s, and the commentary curated around "sink estates", council housing has been heavily stigmatised. The stigmatisation has been used to destroy, tear apart and displace communities from their homes. Bermondsey Spa aims to begin to deconstruct and destigmatise council housing through exploring my connection with the area. An area which I have grown up in and love. Bermondsey Spa depicts a panoramic view of a segment of the area, it shows private developments in contrast with council housing through my experience of the area this year. Through poetry and illustration, this piece explores my contention with developers and experience in Bermondsey Spa.


Poem Alt-Text:


Public Housing not private profit.png
Public Housing not Private Profit (2021)


Enraged by the demolition of Elephant Castle Shopping centre and the ongoing gentrification in Southwark, I begun to experiment with lino cutting designs. 

Public Housing not Private Profit (2021)

LinoPrint, coloured pencils

Pieces created around the ongoing gentrification in Southwark. Using text and print making techniques to express the anger and frustration with the state-led demolition programme.

Illustrating Southwark (2021)

ink illustration, digital colouring

Illustrations exploring my personal and local connection to Southwark. The illustrations reflect moments of nostalgia growing up in Bermondsey/Rotherhithe and how I relate to these different spots in the borough. 

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